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Is Our World Just A Simulation? Reasons Why Some Scientists Say That It’s Likely

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A growing number of physicists and technologists believe the ‘stimulation theory’ is going to be proven, just like it was proven that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe. Whenever Elon Musk is not busy making planing for using his gigantic rocket to leave the decaying Earth to

Horoscopes Overview for 2017

In the Year 2017 Expect Intense Efforts With Shining Success! Now that is good news, the effort you put forward this year will in due time be rewarded back to you. A fact of which we are all aware is that it takes a lot of work to invest

Daily Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign!

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Aries If you are an Aries, you might need to be a bit more cautious when sharing your feelings with others today. But still, you could just be stressing over wrong things. Instead of wasting your time or strength trying to guess how people around you will react when

Karmic Astrology – the secrets of past lives

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The process of causes and effects, which is called karma, sometimes is interpreted as the merciless hand of God. But, in fact the man himself creates his karma, or at least relieves it through his good actions. God is the eternal witness. Through our actions, we determine our destiny

10 giant steps in astronomy

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1 – Time and Place The dawn of summer solstice that is admired by Stonehenge is so beautiful that the place is permanently filled with Druids of modern times who go there to see it. It is seen in the same line with the Heel Stone, one of the