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Is Our World Just A Simulation? Reasons Why Some Scientists Say That It’s Likely

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A growing number of physicists and technologists believe the ‘stimulation theory’ is going to be proven, just like it was proven that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe. Whenever Elon Musk is not busy making planing for using his gigantic rocket to leave the decaying Earth to

Celebrity horoscope: Hitler, Presley, Clinton and Gates

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Adolf Hitler The ascendant in the Scorpions shows that Hitler had a very lively nature and a sharp appearance. The mid heaven and the Saturn in the sign of Leo show his role and image of dictator. Saturn in the sign of Leo shows his cruelty and his desire

Nostradamus – the largest predictor of the world

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Since the publication of “Les Propheties” book, which is published and republished many times since his death, Nostradamus has attracted the attention of almost all the people who follow the cult. His many enthusiasts, and the press, too, compliment him for the prediction of a broad range of major