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Peacock, Mayan calendar

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Tradition: According to Mayas the shining feathers of the tail of this animal show the height to shine with the personal light. They could match the sign with the image of a majestic king who walks with a colorful feather crown. Character: They are very self-confident. They are original,

The Owl – Mayan Astrology

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Owl (owl) Tradition: According to Maya priests, those who are born under this sign were considered capable to read the unconsciousness of others and to find what is missing. The symbol of this sign is exploration. Character: They are always in the center of attention. They have the possibility

Mayan Astrology: Serpent and the Squirrel

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Serpent Tradition: Maya religion thought that those who were born under this sign had a thorough understanding of the essence of the Mother Earth, which was expressed through the love for nature. In the Maya culture, the serpent doesn’t have the negative meaning that is given in the orient. On the contrary,

Mayan Zodiac:The Jaguar & The Dog

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Jaguar Tradition: According to the Maya priests, Jaguar is the symbol of capacity and the uncontrollable courage to cope with things successfully. It represents the individual who is able to take any kind of risk. Character: The people born under this sign are convinced in their ideas. They know

Mayan Astrology & Zodiac Sings: The Falcon (Hawk)

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As great connoisseurs of the astrological discipline, Maya came to their horoscope which consists of 13 signs that correspond to the same number of animals. The Maya civilization, as it is known, was developed in the Central America, in a territory that includes part of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and