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Is Our World Just A Simulation? Reasons Why Some Scientists Say That It’s Likely

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A growing number of physicists and technologists believe the ‘stimulation theory’ is going to be proven, just like it was proven that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe. Whenever Elon Musk is not busy making planing for using his gigantic rocket to leave the decaying Earth to

Free Numerology: Number 5 explanation in details

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As surprising as it maybe most of the 5s are found in the categories of being the top most religious leaders, some may even be in the highest triangles of the business, science and technology or even the government. This because of the great self drive that is within


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The tendency of the number 4 to most of us may not be clear enough but it sure is for those who give deeper thought into the number. It is commonly referred to as the salt of the earth which some may view to be true while others may

Numerology Facts And Profile For The Number Three

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Those with a Life-Path number of three are almost certain to have a life notable for a driving desire for expression. Perhaps this involves simply speaking, or if your number is three, you may be directed toward a life in the arts. Those of the number three tend to

Free Numerology: What it Means to Have a Life Path Number Two

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If you have a Life Path of number TWO, your life is going to be characterized by productive interactions with others. You have a strong sense of fairness, and you have a profound ability to keep things in balance with others. Some key words for a TWO Life Path