A brief explanation of astrology I

characteristics-of-the-zodiac-signsOf course, many times in your life you are asking which is your unique role in this world – who are the talent, fear and love given by? Furthermore, you may have many other questions, which have never been answered.  Or may have get answers like – it was given by nature or God. One thing should be well understood, astrology does not deny these explanations but has always wanted and wants more to know what the role of man in this world is. Astrology also wants to know the form that the internal microcosm and macrocosm surrounding him are related. So astrology is a highly advanced method of self-knowledge. It helps us to recognize and develop our potentials, adapting planetary energies to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical plan. The image of the position of the planets at the moment of one’s birth is the microcosm of that person, respectively his permanent ID. Human character, as well as the different moments in his life evolution, is the data obtained from the correlation of signs and planets.

What is the relation between man and universe? How does the movement of the celestial bodies affect the human life? How does astrology affect the free will?

To answer these questions, it means to have a look at self-knowledge and self-understanding. Astrology is an ancient tool that enables you to know yourself, to inform yourself and to transform yourself. Astrology leads you to greater understanding of who you really are and how you can grow. Astrology helps you to realize your potential and develop your skills. Finally, through self-understanding which promotes it, astrology has the capacity to affect the human soul and keep it alive.

All things move. As the Earth moves around its own axis in 24 hours, the same way other planets move at different speeds in the large orbit around the Sun. So, astrology has to do with the relationship between the great cosmos that surrounds us and the cosmos within each human being. The same energies that work around you in the universe also operate within you: they reflect, form and influence your inner world.

What is the horoscope?

The origin of the word horoscope derives from the Greek word “horoscopes”, which means “sign risen up the eastern horizon at a certain moment”. The oldest horoscope preserved until nowadays, dates back to 410 BC.

Horoscope or life map, is an image or diagram representing the cosmic clock stopped when you were born. So it is the image which reveals the position of the planets at that moment. Planetary vibrations or energies that have acted when you were born are unique. Horoscope is a character and your potential project-plan – that is your cosmic portrait.

However, the celestial bodies encourage, but do not remove: they are a sense of planetary energies that operates in your life allowing you to be under control and to use this power wisely, for you success and your personal evolution.

What does astrology serve for?

Astrology is a tool that enables you the personal progress and to improve the quality of your life. Nowadays, millions of people around the world are seeking to have their life maps revised to take the benefits of the day and to take advantage of opportunities that the planets offer to them. A more advanced explanation tells us that changes and advances are lessons that must be taken on a certain time of life. In this way we can face the challenges, difficult periods and increase our spiritual being.

No male or female see themselves as the others do. It often happens that in front of the others they display prejudices to themselves, but the real question is – do you want to become more aware, to accept the bad properties and begin to develop good virtues? Astrology teaches you to know yourself better and how to live in harmony with the people that surround you, especially with your partner or your family. For this reason it is necessary to compare the horoscope of people.

Astrology: Science or art?

It can be said that astrology is both science and art. Astrology studies the influence of cosmic forces on human character, stemming from the celestial bodies. The revision of a life map (horoscope) requires precise calculation of each factor. Meanwhile, the art of astrology lies in the ability of astrologers to bring a proper psychological, spiritual and human understanding of about how cosmic energies affect our lives.

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