A brief explanation of astrology II

Explanation of Astrology IIs astrology a science?

There are opinions that astrology is a science. Regarding to the question of what astrology deals with, there are different views. One of the most common is that astrology is a science which deals with the study of the influence of the planets and stars on human energy. This view dates from astrologers who practice the so-called modern astrology (popular). It is completely wrong because it shows the effort for the purpose of commercialization. Astrology should match better with the contemporary way of thinking and social ideas. Apart from these, it is the result of not knowing the nature of the astrology content.

But what is astrology in real?

This is a very complicated question and it is not so easy to give a short answer for that. Until the 16th-17th centuries, at the time of Francis Bacon, astrology was considered a science. But at that time science itself had a very different meaning from the modern one. Astrology deals with the study of the connections between the visible sky and the earth. The nature of this connection is not physical, cause-effect, but symbolic.

Astrology, therefore, doesn’t study any energy influence of the planet and stars on the human being. It studies only the symbolic link between the visible sky (seven visible planets, stationary constellation, visible comets and other phenomena in the sky which can also be seen) and the developments on earth. Because of the symbolism, which astrology deals with, it can not be a science in the modern conception of the word. Nowadays, astrology is considered to be “esoteric skills”, which means unity and interconnection of everything in the universe. Regarding to the views and methods it implies, it is totally closed and completed.

From this point of view, in contrast to modern science, matter and its methods can not be changed, expanded. Astrology is a definite recognition system, which can not be changed and which is accepted as it is. Because of this, astrology can be considered more esoteric skills than science.

Which questions can astrology give an answer?

I think that astrology can answer any questions. Notice that I have said astrology (not astrologer) can answer all the questions. With this I want to point out that astrology is limited only by the knowledge and experience of those who practice.

Astrology is so exact as the astrologer is skillful.Every astrologer, who deals seriously with astrology, sooner or later will deal with issues such as: the professional determination of the person who asks the questions, how the financial status will be in the future, the relations between partners, the number of children to be born and in frequent cases even ask questions about life in the outside world. Astrologer, sometimes, can be in delicate situations, especially when they are asked questions about the death of any person, the completion of any serious illness, the finding of missing persons etc. It is a matter of every astrologer who, in accordance with his skills, experience and moral principles, to decide whether to answer these questions or not.

For the sake of truth, it should be noted that the astrologer is focused first on the way the person has died, and than on the time of death. This is because the definition of lifespan is one of the most complex astrological issues, which requires the application of advanced techniques. Also, horoscope continuous to exist even after the death of the person who the horoscope is made for. So, by the horoscope of a dead person can be found many developments connected to his relatives who have survived.

The importance of the daily, weekly and monthly horoscope?

Most astrologers who deal with popular astrology (the modern one) deal at the same time with the so-called “natural horoscope”. The sign in which the Sun has risen in the day of birth, is taken as a substitute for the real home based on the exact moment of birth and geographical coordinates of the place of birth. The following sign to the sun is like a substitute for the other house and so on up to the twelfth sign, which precedes the solar sign. Based on the daily, weekly, monthly, positions of the planets, analysis and predictions can be made for persons born under a certain sign. This is completely inadequate, because it is addressed only to the Sun and even within thirty degrees of a sign, too, which appears very illogical.

Otherwise the position of the sun represents the central part in the view of individualism index of the person. From this point of view the Sun, can not be analyzed in isolation, because the personality is shown through all the elements of a horoscope. The Sun is an important ingredient, but not the only one.

Natural horoscopes were born recently as a result of the commercialization of astrology. This has brought astrology into a low sensation level, of superficial contents and in most cases even incorrect contents, which are found almost daily in the media. Astrology is not a banal entertainment, but a complicated skill of interpretation of the relationship between the Earth and the visible part of the Cosmos.

The traditional astrology does not recognize daily, weekly, monthly horoscope, because they are seen as quasi-astrological inventions.

Can the astrologer predict a person’s future?

It is possible, if the time of birth of that person is communicated accurately, with a difference not more than four minutes (which of course is a rare case). Even in the cases of not specifying the four minutes (but no more than fifteen minutes) it is still possible, to predict future events of a person’s life (from birth to birthday) with a great precision. But, this is based on the knowledge and skills of the astrologer.

If it is approximately known only the time of birth of a person, it is possible to apply an advanced method called rectification of the horoscope, which determines the exact degree of the horoscope ascendant being analyzed. To determine the exact degree of ascendant, through the implementation of rectification of the horoscope with a vital importance, it is a matter of the astrologer to recognize the traditional rules of astrology and his experience in the rectification of the horoscope.

It is possible to give answers about concrete questions to those persons, whose time and birth date is not known. The answers to these questions are found in astrology by analyzing the horoscope for the exact time and place for which the astrologer is being notified about questions that are made.


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