Aquarius – Learn the Characteristics and personality of this zodiac sign


It is a sign of air dominated by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius is sincere, altruistic, free and very active in life. They are generally calm, characterized by their moments of nervousness and pressure. When they are disappointed they feel anger. They are self-conceited. They like to be complimented. Nothing is occasional for them. They are critical and intuitive with a great imagination. They know how to be nice friends and great entertainers. They are hot lovers. They are full of interests and creative ideas. The most suitable jobs are poet, astrologer, actor, and pilot.

Sports according to Aquarius!

They are unconventional, charming, original and exhibitionist. If they don’t depend on adrenaline, their real sport is bridging. However, if it belongs to others then they should put their helmet, protectors and test themselves in trials. As a true sign of air, they love to be in the air, to oppose gravity. They certainly cannot stay long enough in any sport to achieve some results, but this is not even important. While others, due to their insistence win medals, they will greet them upward flying with a balloon.

Love – They love to attract the attention. Erotic games with them bring trouble and uncertainty. Their behavior is sometimes eccentric and provocative, but in their company the others will never feel the monotony.

Food according to  Aquarius!

People of this sign, valued as Prometheus because of their spiritual and intellectual heights, are supporters of vegetarian and macrobiotic cuisine with a desire not to make the living creatures suffer from them. They have the strength of mind, but not much physical energy (Sun in exile), and therefore need more rest, sleep, regular pace of lifestyle and food. Although there are no restrictions in terms of nutrition, apart from the things they impose to themselves, they should eat fruits and vegetables of all kinds, except those that are sour. From spices most useful is sea salt.

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