Aries – the symbol of the’The Ram’, read everything you need to know

ariesIt is a sign of fire dominated by Mars and Pluto. Aries have a great strength and too much energy. They are always ready to take initiatives. They are instinctive and dynamic; sometimes they make big mistakes which come from the lack of reflection. It is the first sign of horoscope. Aries is a symbol of spring. It is a symbol of impulse, energy, independence, courage. Often they are accused of being egocentric. The truth however is different because they know how to be romantic.

They have a need for proof of love and safety. At work, as well as in life they want to be leaders. The most appropriate jobs for them are; designer, writer, lawyer, politician and actor. It is the most vital sign and often those who are born in this period, find the eruption of their energy in sports. Sometimes Aries express themselves strongly and harshly. They live the loving passions, but they are not a model of fidelity. The real Aries like to do the things very fast, but tidiness at work and at home is not a strong point of them. This sign attracts with its non predictability, its severity and its sweetness arising at the same moment.

Sports according to Aries!

They are impulsive and dynamic. They have no fear. They love the races and the victories. Aries are born for almost all combat sports, but it is advisable to spend their great energy in sports like karate, taekwondo, boxing or kick boxing. Different from Pisces, Libra or Virgo they love male chats in dress shops, and when they lose they get angry, but still end up going for a drink with the severe enemy.

Love – They leave a strong impression since the first meeting. The purpose in their life is to be imposed on the surroundings! They seek lustful relations in which they will be dominant, but when they fall in love they are very sincere and spontaneous. Because of their impulsive behavior sometimes they give the impression of people seeking quarrels!

Food according to Aries!

They are leaders, warriors, euphoric or depressed. They can soften their strong temperament with light food, mainly vegetables, less meat, without strong alcoholic drinks and without tobacco. Red and green vegetables, spinach, cabbage, small turnips, red beet should be in their daily menu because they contain iron, which Aries needs so much as they have a great predisposition for anemia. For the same reason they need to eat as much red fruit: cherries, red plums and grapes.

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