Astrological elements, “Earth, Air, Water and Fire”, fully explained

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into groups based on their common characteristics. One way of categorizing them is according to the temperament. Such categorization is called as grouping by item. The four elements are: fire, earth, air and water, and these are the archetypal of energy that form someone’s temperament.  The temperament itself is the dominant element of the horoscope. signs-of-fireSIGNS OF FIRE

Fire represents the vital energy, the source of the overall activity, the source of all life. Strength, communication, energy and vitality, warmth and enthusiasm are the qualities of fire. Air and fire go up. Their essence is expansion. Earth and water go down trying to occupy a much smaller volume. People, who are dominated by this element, express an affirmative nature. They are independent, courageous and strong. Provisions of people born under this sign are directed toward pride, confidence, bravery and courage. They have a conquering spirit.

They desire more to oblige the others than being listened. They are often aggressive, arrogant. They seek quarrel and trust only in themselves. They are very skeptical. They have always great desires. They are “baked in their will.” Such people create their own destiny by themselves, or at least they think so.

Fire is the element that responds to eye and vision – from the five senses, it is the eye which reaches more distant targets. Stars in the sky are large fires, which are seen at distances of billions of light years. Those who are born under the sign of fire, have a tendency for remote things, abstractions. They have, more or less pronounced, spiritual aspiration depending on the fact whether they are led by the fire, or just been burned by it. The chemical element that responds to fire is oxygen. It is joined almost with all the other troops during combustion.

The signs which belong to the fire are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


Earth presents the composition of the material, which is present in all things, even the smallest ones. Maturity, stability, weight and fertility are the characteristics of this element. Earth signs represent the careful, practical, emotional and mysterious nature. Children born with elements of the earth are slow, closed, reserved, economic and methodological. Land, in principle, is sluggish, soft and dark; but it could become permanent and transparent like a diamond. Earth responds to the sense of touch, which receives very close signals, caused by the facilities located on the periphery of the body.

Those who are born under the sign of Earth want to touch things; in other words to feel the similarities and differences. Spiritual value can come from this distinction. They can make the difference between what they touch (what they want, or do) and what they are. But when they forget this distinction, they live only to fill their pockets and stomach. Some of their biggest negative sides are: materialism, stubbornness, fear that paralyzes, excessive dissatisfaction, laziness is. The chemical element, which corresponds to the earth, is carbon, the strong bonds of which strengthen the structure of organic molecules.

The signs that belong to Earth are: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.


Air is the element of the relationship. It represents something more than a mixture of gases – adapted from nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and minimal amounts of other substances – that make the environment where we are suitable for living. Air is perfect environmental element and indestructible substance, which contains matter but, never mixes with it. In this case it is thought even about the interstellar space and the inter-atomic emptiness. In this context, perhaps ether would be a more appropriate name instead of air. The big flexibility, sophistication, ability to complete everything, independence and the existence of the substance from which everything is created are the fundamental properties of this element.

Those who are born under this sign are subtle, refined, curious, delighted when expressing care. In general, they have good manners and are mature. Their vitality leaves much to be desired, while their nerve balance is often uncertain. Usually express any artistic talent, but not scientific.

The signs of air present a very human nature, happy, fun, loving and charming. They have a great intellect and a sensational imagination. Instability, inconsistency, negligence, superficialities are some of their shortcomings. The element of air responds to distant transmission senses, primarily the sense of hearing. This is logical, since the air is the element of the relationship; because as human beings communicate through words, hearing represents the mean of agreement.

The spiritual values ​​of those who are dominated by the element of air can be very large, if they don’t seek only the profit source but even other things in that communication. Listening takes quite distant signals, but always with little delay as opposed to the sense of sight. The voice sometimes comes much later than the light. If this retreat is not considered, the communication through words is insufficient. This becomes an obstacle on the way to knowledge. The chemical element that corresponds to the air is nitrogen-inert substance that constitutes the essence of the earth’s atmosphere.

The signs that belong to Air are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Sing of waterSIGNS OF WATER

Water represents the inner part in all living organisms, and the essence of the foreign largest number of living species, too. Life started in water, thousands of centuries before. There is the beginning of all of us. Water, therefore, proves to be even more connected to life versus earth, air and fire.

The element of water has a lot of symbolic meanings- the mystery of life, its ancient roots, ocean depth. Streams and rivers end up in the seas. Water, therefore, is a meaningful element which seeks unity. His nature is gentle and loving. Water circulates through our body. But, it has even the negative side. Sailors know exactly that when the water looks too innocent and quiet, there is a big danger.

Ambiguity, mysteriousness, peace, fertility and adaptability are some of the characteristics of the element. Fire clears everything, but it kills. On the contrary, water cleans everything but it revives. Children of the signs of water are sensitive and vulnerable. They usually are reserved and shy, quiet and mysterious. Action is their little passion. They are more interested in the hidden side of things than the tangible aspects and more importantly give meaning to events rather than reality itself. They are fond of commenting on everything, whether it comes to big things or small ones. They are far away from the real material plans. They have a very fertile nature and sensational imagination.

Their power of recovery is very weak (excluding Scorpions); but they do not have any significant need for greater energy. They can become great artists or great thinkers, because sometimes they show talent in the knowledge in which the majority of men do not have access. They are rarely happy because of their strong sensibility and evident lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Weakness at all levels, confusion and reacting in an instinctive way- are some of the most serious shortcomings of the signs of water. This element responds to the tastes and smells that are very special and unsociable. Taste is the “closest” sign since it is a material which emits a signal only if you touch with lips. The spiritual value of water is great. The element which responds to water is hydrogen, which joins the water by burning.

The signs that belong to water are: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

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