Best Minecraft Apps for Kids

Top Apps For Young Minecraft Fans There are many benefits to engaging in Minecraft play, something which may surprise a wide swath of parents. The truth is that Minecraft has taken hold of kids in a a way that most would never have predicted.

Is your son or daughter among those who sit for extended periods at the computer, tablet or gaming console, totally transfixed by Minecraft? If so, you do not necessarily need to worry. The game itself is aimed at children between ages 9 and 15 and is a building-block format that really does provide educational benefit as well as entertainment. Though playing Minecraft nonstop for days is not something that is recommended, a shorter block of time on a daily basis has the potential to enhance social abilities as well as raise your children’s grades in school. As such, it makes sense to devote at little bit of time to this game on a regular basis.

Building Life Skills

Some of the non-academic, yet still critical skills that can be sharpened by playing MInecraft are things such as self-direction, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving. These are all things that can build a foundation for later success in higher education as well as in the workforce.

Enhancing Skills Learned At School

Those who play Minecraft in addition to attending school will find that they experience improvements in fundamental skills such as math, reading and writing. This is extremely valuable and is something that should not be overlooked.

Minecraft Pocket EditionMinecraft Pocket Edition

Countless kids have enjoyed using this multi-platform version of the famous building game, and it is possible to use it in an educational manner as well. Minecraft involves setting blocks in strategic places and having amazing adventures along the way. Those who play are given the chance to explore all sorts of incredible worlds and engage with a realm of unusual character types.
Block Craft 3D Free
This is a great app to get you started with building and showing off your construction and imagination skills. This game can be enjoyed by players of all ages, genders and ability levels.

The building games offer a myriad of construction options that facilitate competition around who can make the most interesting end products. Playing with the village animals is light-hearted fun.

Using multiplayer mode is a great way to check out all of the innovations your friends and family have developed. Boys as well as girls enjoy the creativity that is unleashed by building block games.

The variations are seemingly endless. From castles to kitchens to famous world landmarks, the possibilities of what can be built are virtually inexhaustable.
Story ModeStory Mode
This represents a bit of an offshoot of traditional Minecraft. However, do not be mistaken into thinking it is a sequel version to the original. Rather, it is a game based on episodes in which the player will be sent on a story that is built upon selections he or she has made. It should be known that there is some mild, non-gory violence involved, such as the use of swords and the like.
Minecraft Explorer ProMinecraft Explorer - Pro

This is a companion app that has official support from Mojang. While it is not exactly a game, it serves as a helpful refer4ence tool. Players using it are able to access lots of item recipes that are supplemented with videos and text material. It is possible to add your server to this app, design custom Minecraft skins, rate servers to boost or reduce their app ranking and more.
Skin Creator For Minecraft Free | Minecraft SkinsSkin Creator - Free
This app allows users to create custimized skins that can be uploaded as well as shared. This can be done from anywhere. This really does represent the simplest way to produce and download no-charge Minecraft skins for peronal use.

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