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Download Blade And Soul (Free) for WindowsTeam Bloodlust and NCSoft’s Blade and Soul has been quite successful overseas. There are moments when it is a pretty good game. However, there are some aspects that are so punishing that I have to take one or several steps back so I can remind myself the reasons why I put up with so much torment. That really isn’t a good sign since I love a real punishing game. The more likely it is that a game with cause repeated death to me, the more like it is that I will favorably view the game. That is the reason why one of the games I love so much is Let It Die, and why I drag all of my FFXIV free company into all of the Savage content that I am able to get them to.

I guess the biggest problem that I have with Blade and Soul is that its difficulty is very heavily skewed towards a couple of classes. Many classes I am able to make my way around just fine. One of easier classes to play around with for me is Soul Fighter, mainly due to the fact that you aren’t terribly punished if you screw your damage skill rotations up.

The destroyers use specific rotations of left and right mouse clicks at a certain tempo to interrupt boss mechanics. Everything about this class really speaks to me, however, I just don’t get it. I am unable to get myself to properly mouseclick no matter how hard I try.

It can arguably be said that Blade and Soul is among the best of the free-to-play MMORPG. It is a really fun game featuring tons of content, many sliders, and a character customization feature that is incredibly detailed. It also has a great concept. The game is a blend of the fighting games and MMOs genres. Seriously, it has a wonderful premise, but that isn’t what we get very often. Like most other MMOs, there isn’t a lot new that it brings to the table.

Where this is most obvious might be in the story. You have to avenge your martial arts master and fallen friends. Like every other fighting game out there. It has PvE and PvP content, but either very limited, complicated crafting or no housing. If you enjoy playing MMOs, then you know that’s a huge mistake. People love decorating houses and crafting, especially when it comes to MMOs. It didn’t have any crafting at all when the game initially launched here in the West. So things are improving. Slowly. Therefore, although Blade and Soul continues to improve and has plenty to offer, it isn’t where it needs to be yet. Somewhere there is a good game in there. One day I think we will find it.

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