Blade And Soul Mobile

Blade and soul Mobile gameplay With Blade And Soul, you are immediately swept away on a quest to become the world’s greatest martial artist. The world is quite fantastical however, with deep seeded layers of mythology. The story itself is a classic tale of personal vengeance for a fallen martial arts master.

There’s a little something for everyone here, even those that love a good character creator. You start off with a plethora of highly customizable options that will allow you to cater your character to your exact specifications. Even the body type and eye color can be adjusted. Once you’ve made your final selections, you’ll be up and running.

Upon entering the game, you’ll be able to tackle PvE quests and work your way through the overarching story. There’s plenty of impressive gameplay on deck as well, especially thanks to the advanced combat system that utilizes a combination of realistic martial arts and fantasy. There’s a solid PvP experience as well, allowing you to match up against similarly skilled players and even level up to take on greater foes along the way. If you’re looking for a new title to jump into, this one is well worth your time.

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