Cancer – The sun sign fully explained

CancerIt is a sign of water dominated by the Moon. It is the Moon which makes the character of these people wild and melancholic. They are sweet, conservative, capricious, enigmatic and imaginative. They are fond of luxury and traveling. They are curious about antiquities and traditions in the past.

They fear their future, uncertainty and innovation and hate violence in all its ways. They are extremely shy, possessive and romantic. They are closely related to the people the love. Among the most appropriate jobs for them are: lecturer, antiquities dealers, musicians.

Sports according to Cancer!

For them the battle with the stopwatch is not certain. Anything that requires speed, quick decision and immediate feedback will destroy their natural need for peace and stability. Their meeting with the sport most often takes place through the eye opening to the small screen especially on the computer monitor. However, now it’s time for changes but not immediate ones. Their spirit could not afford this. The attraction by the desert would respond their dreamlike nature. Therefore it is advisable for them to enroll in any sailing course.

Love – They are romantic and often change their mood quickly. They expect an infinite care from their partner. They surrender to their feelings only when they are convinced that the other part is sincere.

Food according to Cancer! 

The sensible Cancer loves home, pastries and cakes, with which they compensate the sufferings of love and life problems. Regarding to the food they are not fussy – eat everything, but due to their sensitive stomach they should avoid strong alcoholic drinks, tobacco and spicy food, even though they have a good appetite. Usually the overweight is a result of emotional unfortunate situations.

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