Capricorn – this Zodiac Sign Explained in Detail


It is a sign of land dominated by Saturn. They are  ambitious, determined, cold and melancholic. They are not afraid of tiredness. They are hard-working and ready to sacrifice. The people born in the sign of Capricorn patiently and orderly program their road toward their goals. They are ready for everything  with no need for help to realize their objectives. They are impulsive, shy and not secure in themselves. The most appropriate jobs for them are: politicians and insurance agent. In love Capricorn is serious, stable and loyal, but not very open.

Sports according to Capricorn!

People born under this sign are serious, persistent and consistent. They are not sociable, so some team sports are not for them. They should go out in the nature, especially in the mountains. Real sports for them are crossing, running or hiking. But they should not immediately climb Everest.

If they are not in a good mood, carrying a heavy bag and the muscle inflammation will take the entire satisfaction of the mountains. They should start running at first through the small hills around the house, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and should not forget to lay lengthwise before and after exercise! Even if they want to go by themselves, they should take someone with them if they go up to the mountains.

Love – They immediately suggest that order should exist in emotional relations. Their relationship develops according to the protocol and no outburst of emotions.

Food according to Capricorn!

People of this sign are quite modest in their requirements regarding to food and lifestyle. Generally, Capricorn takes only what is necessary for life. They do not drink black coffee and expensive drinks. They do not eat in luxury restaurants. They have a bone construction and in principle there should be no problem with the overweight. However, they should take food that contains less fat due to cholesterol. Their ideal food is everything that is white – cheese, milk, the meat of birds…

Vegetables and fruits which are recommended in particular for Capricorn are spinach, small beetroot, red beets and red grapes.

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