Capricorn weekly forecast

capricorn-weeklyDecisions, decisions. Your M.O. is to weigh your options, do long-range planning and take only calculated risks. But Monday’s balancing quarter moon in Virgo and your expansive ninth house can widen your focus. Quarter moons help you take concrete action (which, we know, is like talking dirty to a Capricorn). Surfing travel blogs won’t cut it now. It’s time to do your research then hit Book Now for that dream trip to Maui or the Maldives. The ninth house also rules entrepreneurial efforts, so if you’ve been thinking about launching your own business, talk to a lawyer or register for the necessary certification course. Just take SOME tangible action to prove to the universe that you’re serious about your dreams and ready for some cosmic co-piloting. Conversely, if you’ve been traveling constantly or in nonstop motion, bring balance by slowing down and solidifying your connections to the folks who are holding down the fort. Even when you’re on the road, you can keep the home fires stoked with weekly Skype calls.

On Wednesday, download some new apps to ratchet your well being up a notch. Rational Mercury and motivational Mars sync up in your sixth house of health and fitness, making this the perfect time to utilize some high-tech tools in your quest for self-improvement. Of course, it starts and ends with wholesome eating and daily movement, but since technology can give you such accurate feedback, don’t write it off as a fad. While you’re at it, if you haven’t seen your doctor or had blood work or scans done in a while, make an appointment now. By making sure you’re in tiptop shape, you can keep yourself operating at peak levels.

Friday, Mercury moves into a signal-jamming square with hazy Neptune in your sixth house of precision. Good luck trying to get the facts or clearly communicate your needs. Even making a simple decision will be way harder than you ever could have thought possible! Give yourself an advantage by doing one thing at a time and minimizing distractions (sorry, Facebook; you’ll have to wait till the weekend). Then, with a clear mind and switched-off phone, tackle your to-do list with renewed vigor. On Sunday, Mercury moves out of the square, but the Sun takes its place—which can do a number on your sense of self. Catch yourself giving more weight to other people’s opinions than to your own. Your sign can’t help but care about your reputation, but be aware of projecting self-doubts or imagining criticism. Have you been a little too willing to make sacrifices for friends or family only to wind up resenting having done so? Spend time on your own on Sunday and find your center. As long as you’re being your hard-working, ethical self, who cares if your colors run a little outside the lines?

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