Cat Puns Jokes – The Only Puns That You Will Ever Need

The Only Cat Puns That You Will Ever Need

cat punsWhile I was editing my college’s newspaper recently, I stumbled onto a story which instantly caught my attention: “Cambridge MA hosts first ever Feline Film and Video Festival.” I have never seen a headline more perfect. Even though, I am not too sure about what this type of event would involve, I was really interested in an important opportunity that this presented: and opportunity to create a cat pun that was genuinely relevant. In this moment, I imagined the eyes of all Internet users turning their attention to my insignificant and small liberal-arts college, in anticipation for a worthwhile response. Bored with the standard “purr-fect”, I quickly became very determined to discover the cat pun which would be both entertaining and unique. I had lots to consider:

1. Mewment

If we were to substitute “mewment” for each “moment” out there, this world would become a far more squeakier place. Think about Kelly Clarkson’s coronation song, “A Moment Like This”, which would become:

“A mewment like this, “
“Some kittens would be waiting a lifetime,”
“For the mewment such as this,”
“Some kittens will wait forever, for that 1 special hiss.”

2. Cat-titude

Cat-titude is more than only “attitude”, with the word “cat” spliced in. It is an entirely separate idea. A person with cat-titude, may attempt to act like they are unimpressed when it comes to your attempts in trying to pamper this person. They might swat or swipe at you when you are trying to pass something to them, scratch at a door when they would like to get outside, or sit suddenly on your computer, while you are using it, and they won’t offer you with an explanation for this behavior.

3. Meow-sician

The meow-sician could mean 1 of 2 things. It could mean a musician that has the affinity for the songs that are cat-themed, or the cats that have the affinity for the music that is human-themed. The latter at this stage less common, yet with rapidly advancing technology, I am very sure that cats that sing will soon turn into a reality.

4. Claw-some

In addition to sounding a little bit violent, “claw-some” is a cat-astic supplement for “awesome”, which already way overused in todays society. This is great way to splice our vocabulary when we add more of the cat themes.

5. Paw-lease

This is a catch-phrase for anyone with cat-titude. Any person that attempts to utter this phrase out loud should also be flipping their “paw” back in a dramatic fashion, before that chase a piece of fluff or dust far away. If Elle Woods happened to be cat, she would be saying this phrase after each sentence.

6. Pro-cat-stination

You may have experienced when you walk down your hall and you find your pet cat lying on her or his back looking harmless, cute and fluffy that you just can’t resist stopping to pet them. This is known as pro-cat-stination. This could come in various forms, with the “hallway” which is a common one.

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7. Paw-sitive

When returning to the newspaper story that I found, at the end of all of this, I and other editors decided on this particular pun. Paw-sitive is cat-related enough that is brings about humor, yet still subtle enough that it sounds professional. It is paw-sitively one of the best cat puns around.

An Honorable Mention: Caturday

I thought about Caturday as the play on Saturday, yet this would be suggestive that cats deserve our attention on only one day in a week, and I would hate to spread such lies.

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