Clicker Heroes Achievements Guide 2019

Read This Guide About Achievements In Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes was developed by Playsaurus, which is an indie game studio based in the United States. It’s an idle clicking adventure game. Players play by earning gold, tapping, and leveling up their personal heroes as they combat and hopefully defeat increasingly difficult monsters.

This incremental idle ARPG has strong heroes, magical monsters, skills, and even a Transcendence mechanic that provides players chances to start over while enjoying better stats and powers. You can use Hero Souls to buy Ancients, which each have unique abilities.

Like most other addictive games, there are achievements you can earn when you play Clicker Heroes. Keep reading to learn a lot about the achievements in Clicker Heroes:

Achievements Based On gold

You get to start unlocking the various gold achievements once you have hoarded a particular amount of gold, measured on a scale starting with Frugal and going up to Greedy. The completion of quests for gold will bestow titles upon you ranging from Supervisor all they way up to The Big Cheese. When you’re advancing through Clicker Heroes, you’ll get cumulative amounts of gold while unlocking more achievements, such as Uptown or Filthy Rich.

Achievements Based On Heroes

Heroes are people you can level up and even upgrade, so when they hit particular milestones, you’ll get achievements along the way. Leveling up 100 times will give you Guide, and if you level up your various heroes 50,000 times, you’ll get Super Level Upper. It only takes 200 upgrades to your heroes to be granted the title of Magnanimous.

Achievements Related To DPS

Boosting your damage per second, or DPS, will land you some nifty achievements. At 1.000e7 or 10,000K, you’ll hit Lethal status. If you want to be the World’s Strongest, then you’ll need to hit 1.000e44 or 10,000$ DPS.

Achievements Related To Clicks

You can actually score some decent in-game bonuses if you practice using your itchy trigger finger. Clicking 12 times per second can reward you with +1 Click Damage. If you happen to get to 14 clicks, you’ll get the even better +3 Click Damage. If you land a pair of Critical Clicks in the same second, you’ll start carrying the Deadly title, and 10 Criticals gets you the Assassin achievement. On top of all this, clicking up to particular points unlock more achievements like Proficient Clicking or even Finger Amputee, if you happen to click a quarter of a million times that is.

Achievements Related To Zone

You can get the Zone Explorer achievement if you beat Zone 10. You’ll play on with a true sense of purpose, having fresh motivation to get to Clicker Heroes’ highest zones. Additionally, you can move from Transcending to Transcendent Zone Conqueror in your achievement list if you reach Zones 4,000 through 30,000.

Achievements Related To Ascension

You’ll unlock your Restarter title the first time that you ascend, which gives you a +10 Starting Click Damage. Every achievement that you unlock will score you better amounts of Starting Click Damage, even up to a point of enjoying +25,000 Click Damage after you Ascend a full 250 times. You should note that each of these achievements is lost after you go through transcension, but you get them back after any legitimate ascension.

Achievements Related To Monsters

Clicker Heroes is mostly about killing off monsters, so of course, doing this is going to unlock achievements as you do so. Defeating the Centennial Bosses you face in special stages will unlock achievements which net you very handy Hero Souls in your adventures.

Opening treasure chests and finding relics can also give you great titles, such as Treasure Hunter. You’ll also earn particular achievements for transcending, as well as leveling up, burying, and reviving mercenaries.

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