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If you are an Aries, you might need to be a bit more cautious when sharing your feelings with others today. But still, you could just be stressing over wrong things. Instead of wasting your time or strength trying to guess how people around you will react when you disclose your feelings and emotions, just let go and let the cards fall wherever they will.

Your impatience may hamper the little stability you had already gained. Nonetheless, even if you are feeling like you are stuck with no clear sense of direction, there is no need forcing progress now. The dynamics of relationship will make more sense as time passes but only if you manage to relax your hopes and enjoy this present moment.


You have specific ideas of how your day should unwind but you probably will not be able to stick to your initial plans if you want to play nice with others. Effectively managing your diary is impossible as people keep on changing their minds about the things that they want to do and which include you. Sadly, you cannot just pick up your toys and go home as you might end up being a strong shoulder to lean on for someone when things get out of hand. Well, at this point, it is pointless to push your personal agendas; you still have much to learn and plenty to offer others by moving with the flow of things.


Today is one of those days that you do not feel like revealing too much information or too many details despite knowing exactly what you need and want. Just keeping quiet seems like the best option since you are afraid that other people may not agree with what you have to say or with your stand. It is likely that you instinct is very much on point as you coworker do not understand your current intentions and motives.

Luckily though, you do not have to respond to any questions that you are not comfortable answering if you do not divulge too much in the first place. Focusing on another person’s needs is a clever way to divert attention from you and allows you to become a supportive friend.


While acting spontaneously sounds like a great idea theoretically, you probably might not enjoy this resultant experience if you are worrying about the criticism you might receive for how you behave.

You are feeling emotionally exposed; it is as if people around you already know your desires though you have not uttered a single word. However, this fear of disapproval can become a problem if you are monitoring everything you do and say. One way to lower your current stress levels is practicing unconditional self-acceptance. In the end, those that matter will respect you just as long as you are true to yourself. Be authentic. Be yourself.


Your imagination is constantly running rampant with 3 plants clustered in your twelfth House of Fantasy. Despite all this, drama is brewing in your real life and you are more likely to get pulled into an emotionally-charges conversation with a relative or close friend now. While you are preferring to keep your feelings private, you will not be able to avoid the spotlight for very long.

Nevertheless, it is important that you use your downtime to try and figure out what it is your heart wants so that you can readily manage the delicate relationship issues that are about to pop up in days to come. To be forewarned is to stay forearmed.


Today, you cannot help but be anxious about sharing your dreams and goals with your associates; however, exercising too much caution/hesitation today could lead to you missing out on an exciting opportunity. Today it’s likely that you might turn down a couple of social invitations or shy away from most casual conversations that are not aligned to your personal agenda.

Nonetheless, making a hasty withdrawal is not wise, neither is responding too quickly. It is likely that something meaningful may withstand the test of time and so being patient for an extra day or two before making your final decision may ultimately work in your favor.


It is easy for you to go out of your way as you try to balance your needs with those of other as maintaining harmony and peace is key to ensuring that your relationship is successful. You may even opt to keep some of your opinions and preferences to yourself as you do not want to disrupt the flow of things. You might be having a specific destination you need to go to today but you are still unwilling to say anything as you do not have the logistics setup.

Do not worry about details for now; just have a clear objective and do not forget that satisfaction may still take some time to reach. Honesty here is the best policy and especially with yourself.


You’ve been reconsidering most of your long term goals since earnest Saturn retrograded with your sign last month. Despite anticipating your future, today’s Saturn-Mercury trine requires that you stop and review your past for you to better understand the current feelings you are experiencing.

You might be worrying that you cannot actualize your ambitious plans, however, your cautiousness could end up becoming self-doubt if you keep on overanalyzing each move you make. Do yourself a favor, stop assuming the worst every time or that is what might just start happening. Rest assured, your lost confidence will soon return; this is just your mind playing games with you.


You probably are not willing for anyone to know that you are wrestling with your fears; however, there is no reason for you to fake your confidence if you are not currently feeling it. It is healthier for you to show more emotional control instead of taking things too far especially when you are not invested.

Spontaneity is something that comes naturally to you; but you are bound to benefit today by taking some quiet time to reassess your course of action. You do not have to constantly spill the beans if you are not in the mood; and leaving some of the details to your imagination will serve you well.


You may not want to be dealing with someone who is emotionally needy today, yet your compassion for other people’s feelings opens doors to new levels of friendship. It is worth the struggle for now as you seek to determine which lines to cross and which not to, and how much you should reveal. Of course, it is much safer to play the role of a stoic friend and hide behind the wall of reason.

However, avoiding your feeling could end up creating unnecessary resistance. Embrace your fear of intimacy by becoming radically honest with yourself. You may be surprised by the way things happen when you open up your heart.


You probably are goal-oriented today that others are not too sure about how they should react to your unabashed ambitions. Your emotions are unusually intense, despite the fact that you do not want to dwell on them.

However, any attempt to restrain your feelings creates a different set of snags that someone might interpret your detachment as a sign of disinterest. Do not hold back when it comes to expressing your hopes and dreams. Be ready to leave your comfort zone to passionately let the people you love know how you feel about your future and the role they play in it.


You might be overly concerned that you’ve taken a relationship you are in too far, too fast and now you would love to run to a place where you can experience emotional safety.

Or perhaps you made an erroneous assumption about a person’s feelings, leading unnecessary drama. Luckily, with the genuine Saturn featuring in the equation today, you are set no getting all facts right, even if they will complicate things. There is no need to make sudden moves. Just take a couple of steps back from any awkward situation and give yourself enough space and time to regain a more impartial viewpoint. Time here is your ally.

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