Dreams and Their Interpretation

Dreams and Their InterpretationOne important part of life is dreaming. It seems that everyone dreams and they dream throughout their entire life. Babies dream in the womb long before they are born. Dreams lay down the roots for states of being that are yet to be. These events take place in the mind, allowing an individual to float away while their physical being is resting peacefully.

Dreams create a gateway to the world inside, which is as natural and real as the one on the outside. The analysis of dreams teaches us in a visual language all about experiences that we have repressed and about all of the other processes in our unconscious minds. Taking the time to analyze the images and activities in our dreams can show multiple symbolic structures, even if they don’t usually show meaning in other activities. Therefore, dreams have become a great aid for psychologists as they explore the unconscious mind. Knowing about the meaning of the symbols in dreams is very useful in interpreting both one’s best and worst dreams.

Great religious books throughout history have shown that man has had a deep belief in our dreams from the beginning of time. There are a few major times that totally changed the path of history, as foretold in dreams, including the following:

Joesph saw all eleven stars in the zodiac bow to him as he became the 12th star.

A vision of fat and lean cows revealed the famines of Egypt to Joesph in a dream.

The fall of King Nebuchadnezzar as a great statue made of several metals fell, interpreted by David.

Joesph and Mary were also instructed of the danger to their baby Jesus in a dream before the danger manifested.

Joan of Arc foretold her own death in her dreams.

And even Abraham Lincoln saw his assassination in a dream several years before his death.

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