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If Your Birthday Is Today:

Over the upcoming 12 months you will do so many things. However, there is one thing you definitely shouldn’t do: pretend that you are something that you aren’t. All the qualities needed to be successful in life you already possess. So there no need for you to resort to fantasy. Just remember, reality is whatever you make it be.

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There’s really no point in you trying to insist that you get your way over the weekend. It simply isn’t going to happen for you right now. The planets are warning you that it would be smarter right now to give some ground, even on issues that you have strong feelings about. This will put you into a winning position for the future.



You aren’t in any mood for chit-chatting right now. Anybody who tries wasting your time on mindless gossip is going to be told to keep their mouth shut. You have made up your mind to stay focused on the things that are important to you. If some people are annoyed by this, that’s just too bad. They can either get over it or not.



Cosmic activity in your chart’s money area will help you with finding solutions to help with the cash flow problems that you are having. In addition, it will open your eyes in regards to how you have been allowing certain individuals to take advantage of you for far too long, financially and otherwise.



Whatever happens over the next two days will help you with making sense of something that didn’t make any sense previously. It will help change how you view the world, and the world will also be looking at you in an entirely new way as well.




It’s time for you to face up to certain parts of your personally that normally you do everything you can to either ignore or hide. Everybody has some negative qualities. However, not every person attempts to channel them into a positive direction. Then again, you aren’t everyone now are you. You are a Leo, after all!



You didn’t get to your current position due to chance: rather, it’s part of a grand design. If you can just accept this fact it will allow you not worry so about things that went wrong in the past or may in the future. The only thing that matters is today.




This weekend you will have plenty of opportunities for making your mark- you will in fact be attracting them to you in odd cosmic ways. However, don’t be fooled into attempting to take advantage of every single offer that comes your way. Be selective instead.




Opinions and beliefs that you tend to take for granted aren’t going to seem as sure over the new couple of days. You start viewing the world in some new ways. This is a good time to make changes to your philosophies on life.




Don’t waste your money and time on things that are high risk this weekend. According to warnings from the planets, you need keep things simple right now and remember that you don’t ever get something for nothing, at least not anything worth having.




Events in your life appear to be repeating themselves- places and people might be different, however they are the same emotions and issues. That brings up the question: did you learn anything from the mistakes you have made previously? You don’t have anything to fear if you have.




Be guided by where you are headed to instead of where you have come from. You cannot undo what is already done, so forget about the past and concentrate on the future instead. Choices you make over the weekend are going to influence your life for many years into the future.




Pisces might not be the zodiac’s most daring member. However, after you do make a decision you do stick with it and make sure to see it through all the way. The hardest part is finding enough courage to get started. So start today while you have sky-high confidence.

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