Free Numerology: What it Means to Have a Life Path Number Two

2If you have a Life Path of number TWO, your life is going to be characterized by productive interactions with others. You have a strong sense of fairness, and you have a profound ability to keep things in balance with others. Some key words for a TWO Life Path number are: cooperation, mediation, consideration, partnering and adaptability.

As a TWO, you are very sensitive towards other people. You care about them deeply. You always try to see the best in others and want what is best for them. You must protect yourself against deceit and want what is best for yourself, however, so that you can continue your path of enhancing other’s lives.

Always trust your instincts where others are concerned. If you have any unsettling feelings, check things about. You want to be safe not sorry. In any crisis you will be the one to have sound judgment while others will tend to get upset or panic. This makes you a mediator for everyone.

You will know and others will recognize that you can remain unbiased in even in the most complex situations. The passion you have for others can cause difficulty for you when it comes to saying no. This is why you might have to work at balancing the counseling and mediation you do for others with time for yourself. You must take care of your own problems as they come up.

A TWO’S life purpose is one that is to gather people and foster cooperation and good will. A TWO can keep the peace and directing a group’s energy to produce amazing results. Honest, tactful and stable, a TWO can do so much.

One other thing to watch for is passivity or apathy. If you do not stay involved you can become quite lethargic. Keep yourself motivated and in touch with what is going on. It can be challenging, but if you don’t, you will find yourself in a rut. Isolation is a TWO’s number one enemy.

TWOs love of amiable environments, so business partnerships that create fierce competition may not be ideal. Consider partnerships that let your talent for bringing others together in the spirit of productivity and cooperation flourish.

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