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Crack Open Your Fortune Cookie and see what what good fortune lies ahead for you and your loved ones. Play the Fortune Cookie Game. 

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Love Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie Game

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The History Of Fortune Cookies!

Fortune cookies, like chop suey, are actually an American invention. They come from California, but the actual inventor, or the city in California that is the birthplace of the fortune cookie, is still subject to debate. The fortune cookie is definitely not Chinese, and might not be Chinese American either. Is it San Franciscan, Angelino, Japanese, or Chinese?

It is claimed by one version of the history of fortune cookies that in 1918 a Chinese immigrant named David Jung, who established the Hong Kong Noodle Company and was living in Los Angeles, first invented the fortune cookie. According to the story, he was worried about the poor people he saw in the area of his shop and made a cookie that he would pass out on the streets for free. Each of the cookies had a piece of paper inside that had an inspirational Bible scripture written on it. A Presbyterian minister wrote them for Jung.

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