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You should know that BOOKS are crafted from paper and leather.



When a bookshelf is mined without silk touch or destroyed by an explosion,  three books are dropped.


IngredientsCrafting recipe
Paper +

Natural Generation

Books can be found in 94.6% of fortification library chests in heaps of 1– 3. In 1.13[upcoming] they can be found in 34.5% of wreck outline in piles of 1– 5. In Bedrock Release they can be found in 93.8% of fortification library chests in piles of 1– 3, and in 34.5% of wreck delineate in piles of 1– 5.

Crafting ingredient

Book And QuillAny Wood Planks +
Minecraft Book
BookshelfAny Wood Planks +
Enchantment TableBook +
Diamond +


Books can be made into captivated books by charming them on charm tables.


Bookkeeper villagers will more often than not purchase 8-10 books for an emerald.


IconAchievementIn Game DescriptionActual Requirements : If Different:AvailabilityXbox Points Trophy Type PS
Enchanter Use a book, obsidian and diamonds to construct an enchantment tablePick up an enchantment table from a crafting table output.XBOX YES20GSilver
LibrarianBuild some bookshelves to improve your enchantment tablePick up a bookshelf from a crafting table output.PS YES


IconAdvancementIn-game description ParentActual requirements (if different) Internal ID
EnchanterEnchant an item at an Enchanting Table Diamonds!-minecraft:story/enchant_item

In Minecraft, two ingredients are required to craft a book: leather and paper. The books can then be used as additional crafting ingredients in more complex items. You may also use them as a storage compartment for various enchantments that you do not want to use at the time.

You can find the paper for crafting books and occasionally fully-crafted books in Stronghold libraries. You may also find villagers who are willing to trade for them.

Some items that can be crafted using books include bookshelves and the “Book and Quill” item. You can use the Book and Quill item to create specific enchantment tables to enchant an item.

You can choose a book itself as the target of enchantments as well. When used on a book, the enchantment will be “stored” in the book. It can later be removed if you decide that you want to place the enchantment on another item permanently. To apply the enchantment, the enchanted book and the item to be enchanted must be put in an anvil. This will completely consume the book.


The “Book and Quill” item initially has the same glare as an enchanted book after being turned into a non-edible book.

You should know that BOOKS are crafted from paper and leather.

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