Numerology Facts And Profile For The Number Three

numerology-profile-3Those with a Life-Path number of three are almost certain to have a life notable for a driving desire for expression. Perhaps this involves simply speaking, or if your number is three, you may be directed toward a life in the arts. Those of the number three tend to have advanced abilities in one or more art forms, whether in crafting, painting, dramatic performance, writing or in the musical realm.

If you are a three, you surely enjoy being around similarly artistic individuals, and you also exhibit a personality that is friendly, welcoming and warm. You are a great support to others in your life, as you actively listen and discuss issues of importance with them. You love to entertain at home and are great at creating a comfortable environment for all. Those around you relish your hospitable ways, making your place a hub of activity. The life of a three involves socialization, free expression, fine living, travel and arts.

Your life as a three is highly likely to have entertainment as a centerpiece, whether you are performing publicly or just inside of your own social realm. Your bubbly, engaging nature inspires optimism in others. It is difficult to discourage you, and you can respond sensibly and positively to most any challenge. The pleasure you take in the joys of life is easily and frequently exhibited in your creative outlets and appreciated by all.

As a result of the foregoing, a three will seek ways to use expressive means to communicate their positive outlook. The best thing for a three is to identify which artistic endeavors appeal to them most, not to focus on what the market deems most valuable. This can be difficult at times, but the rewards are innumerable. A three will always be able to find the best in a situation, making this path a bit smoother.

Since a three often basks in the moment and seeks out the pleasures in life, there can sometimes be problems with overspending, impulsiveness and a lack of productivity. A tendency toward escapism can also plague threes at times. Trouble with focus and concentration on the task at hand can cause a three to spin their wheels at certain points in time, so it is important for such individuals to set clear objectives and gain a sound balance between enjoyment and responsibility.

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