Numerology – Numbers and luck

numerologyA primordial calculation of human characters is numerology. Through this astrological calculation it is understood that each person is hidden behind the numbers from one to nine. In a very simple way, each date of birth can be reduced to a digit number, which shows the way of life and reveals somebody’s good and bad character. Also it shows how to behave toward the others. Moreover, you can compare your number to that of the partner, or the people around you, to see the compatibility between you.


How to calculate the number of the way of life.

Make the sum of the numbers given by your birth day. For the person who was born on September 15, 1981 the calculation should be in this order: 1 +5 +9 +1 +9 +8 +1 = 34. Then make the sum of the digits of this number: 3 +4 = 7. The sum shows the way of life that someone belongs to, way 7. If the sum after two calculations is bigger than number 9, then continue calculating until you get a one digit number.

The significance of numbers.

1 – People who belong to this number are authoritarian leaders who spend every obstacle. They are perfect and require a lot from themselves and from others. They remain faithful to the plans they have made not caring for the opinions of the others. Even though they look rude, a pretty gentle soul is hidden inside them.

2 – They are peaceful, but hate orders. They like laziness when they are given the opportunity. Their valuable properties are imagination and creativity. They are incorrigible dreamers. When things are not going according to their plans they become grumpy and unhappy.

3 – They are movers and revolutionaries with their whole being. They are sociable and carefree persons, but sometimes a little scared. Their major shortcomings are naivety, jealousy and excessive optimism.

4 – They are persistent and valuable employee. They are determined, active and faithful, but if the things do not go as planned they can become violent. They are logical, well-organized, methodical and trustworthy even though in their inside there is room for concern.

5 – They are passionate dreamers and perfect lovers. They suffer from psychological disorders. They hate the routine and hard work.

6-They are generous and charming. They are fair and willing to sacrifice. They have the qualities to be successful politicians. They are nice to people they love, but they don’t forgive easily and don’t forget easily,too.

7 – They are reserved, thoughtful and very intelligent. They are dreamers, investigators and thinkers with inexhaustible resources. They are willing to deceive just to succeed. They are also generous and egocentric.

8 – They are brave and energetic, but they succeed only when they reach to control their big personal appetite. They are people who fight for the right and precious things. Although they are optimistic, sometimes are secretive and closed in themselves.

9 – They are fighters, brave, independent to the end, but sometimes they need help. They succeed in everything. They are smart, energetic, full of lust, but not sentimental, as they may seem at first sight.

Does their number respond to yours?

Number 1 and number 2 are in contradiction with each other, but the creativity and the leadership skills that number 1 has can attract number 2 artistically oriented. Number 3 is independent and alive. The other 3s and numbers that are divided by 3 go well with it. Number 4 is practical and they don’t make friends easily. It goes well with number 2 and 8. Number 5 loves the tolerant life and goes well with all the numbers, especially with number 5.

Number 6 is faithful and balanced. It goes well with the thoughtful 7s as and the sexy 9s. Number 7 likes the alive 3s and the dynamic 5s. Number 8 is ambitious, widely open and very materialistic. It likes the creativity of number 1 and needs the stability of number 4. Number 9 is a fighter who likes the authoritarian 1s and the loyal 6s.


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