Peacock, Mayan calendar

PeacockTradition: According to Mayas the shining feathers of the tail of this animal show the height to shine with the personal light. They could match the sign with the image of a majestic king who walks with a colorful feather crown.

Character: They are very self-confident. They are original, creative and have a very good sense of humor. They know how to be competitive and want to improve. They like to be the protagonists in any situation and never let the others to take their role.

Female: She likes to be dressed in an exotic manner or better to say in an unusual way and often her behavior is very original. It is not easy to attract their attention because they want a male to be in the same level. She wants a strong man but at the same time ready to let himself be directed by her. In reality it is almost impossible for her to realize that.

Male: The peacock male is born a leader, intelligent and knows how to prevail over others. Sometimes he is more self-confident than needed by threatening to underestimate people and situations. He is very demanding in love and requires a partner that knows how to follow him in all his enterprises, and also how to astonish him with her independence and creativity.

Work: The born under the sign of peacock like to give orders, and therefore will always seek to be in leadership positions, to perform any kind of activity. They are able to do business; they can be very wealthy, lose it and start again from nothing. They are very successful in the actions that need communication capacity. They are very good sellers.

Affinity: People of this sign have a more social nature, which makes them go well with everyone. They agree mostly with Jaguar and bat. They have good relations with the turtle.

Weak Point: The excessive optimism can lead them only to see the entertaining aspect of the situation and not prepare to face the difficulties of life.

  • Flowers or Plants: Avocado
  • Stone: Topazio
  • Protective Bird: The Golden Pheasant Antares
  • Color: Red – Orange
  • Lucky Number:5

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