Pisces – Everything you need to know about the Characteristics of this Zodiac Sign


It is a sign of water dominated by Jupiter and Neptune. They are solid, patient, sweet and tolerant. They get upset very easily and don’t trust the others very much. Apart from their complex character they are characterized even by a great fantasy and a wonderful skill to learn and catch things quickly.

They are undetermined and have no organizational skills. They prefer to work and be guided by somebody. Their jobs might be: footballer, nurse, mechanic, and photographer. They believe in religion and are inclined to art. Being very reserved makes it difficult to know and understand them. For them friendship and true love are essential and important values.

Sports according to Pisces!

One would say that Pisces are related to water sports – but it isn’t so! They are very sensitive, enigmatic, willing for complications and mysticism, so that it is difficult to find a sport that cannot make them feel desperate. The best thing for them is to start doing yoga. They can be as successful as from students they quickly become teachers. If, they hate this kind of exercise and they think they are not macho enough, then they should try themselves in shooting or archery. But, they should not cry when they lose.

Love – They are emotional and lovers. It is very easy to attract their attention. The others should act very carefully with them because they are easily hurt. Their greatest imagination is to turn their love story into a fairy tale with a happy end.

Food according to Pisces!

This is the most complex sign of the zodiac. Regarding to the food they escape from the menu of their daily life. Jupiter makes them have a good appetite. That is why there are many fat people among them. They also are fond of alcoholism, pills mania and drugs, so the psychiatrist is the most visited doctor by this sign. Boiled vegetables and the trees in indigo and blue color are good for them such as: eggplant, plums, grapes, berries.

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