Sagittarius – the characteristics of this zodiac sign in detail


It is a sign of fire dominated by Jupiter. They trust in others very easily. They are faithful, honest and open minded. They believe in the future and changes. They love traveling, walking in the fresh air and they love animals, too. They don’t surrender in front of the difficulties.

They are very religious and terribly curious. They choose their friends. They want their lover to be honest, correct and give them the freedom which is very important for them. They are the best friends you can have. The female Sagittarius is very fond of their family, house, garden, Among the most suitable jobs for them are: judge, scientist, astronaut, tourist guide, travel agent.

Sports according to Sagittarius! 

They are really sporty type. They know how to manage their energy. They are enthusiastic and have a good will. They would collect all the data available on the Internet (including the jokes for that sport), armed with literature and encourage friends to join. Each arrow of theirs will hit the target. They should avoid sports in which courage can be tested (great height and speed). They should follow ‘ordinary’ team sports, if they want to enjoy themselves and the people around them.

Love – They are courageous with great energy and confidence. They are ready for every kind of danger. The adventure with Sagittarius is always interesting, dynamic.

Food according to Sagittarius! 

Sagittarius can easily suffer from overweight if they do not stop their good appetite. They gain weight mainly in the thighs and ribs. This horoscope sign is pleased with the food, so being on a diet, according to the doctor’s instructions, makes them feel angry.

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