Scorpions – qualities, personality traits and characteristics


It is a sign of water dominated by Mars. They have a complex and controversial personality. They are serious, authoritative, jealous, and possessive. They have an excellent ability to detect weakness of others thanks to unique their intuition. The people of this sign are cold, closed in themselves and controversial. But on the other side they hide values and strength and are available for the others.

They don’t know what fear is. The most suitable jobs for scorpions are: psychologist, businessman. They are very passionate in love as much as complicated and controversial. They love with heart and soul even though their  suspicious nature rarely abandons them.

Sports according to Scorpions! 

The best sport for scorpions is sex. Or at least any sport in which they would feel sexy: for example hockey, or motocross. More than the race itself they will be excited by the wearing of all the equipment that will give them a sense of power and security. Apart from that they are attracted even by researches and uncertainties. The ideal sport for them is diving in the darkness with a lot of equipment on their own.

Love – They love the games of seduction. Sex is extremely important for them. They hide their feelings carefully. When someone hurts them, they never forget revenge.

Food according to  Scorpions! 

The powerful Scorpions love spicy food. They exaggerate in everything and drink too much. Because of possible problems in the large intestine, it is recommended light food instead of heavy spicy food, which this sign likes very much. Trees which are recommended to Scorpions are: grapes, blackberries, blue plums, pumpkin, banana, pineapple, pears and lemon. The vegetables that should always be on their table are: potatoes, yellow peppers, eggplant.

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