Star Crossed Love: Precisely How And Where To Find Love Within Your Astrological Chart

Star Crossed LoveHave you ever felt like you needed magic in order to find your special one? We understand. Fortunately, magic is all around us, and it can be found and will help lead you to have a soulmate style, lasting love. In our most recent column, Star-Crossed Love, crystal expert, intuitive and astrologer ,, who is a woman who has been able to manifest her own relationship (her inspiring story can be read here), will be sharing her astrology tips, crystal rituals and spells to help you find – and keep – your one. Love is magic, after all. Use magic in order to attract it into your life!

Would you like to know whether or not love is part of your future for 2018? I am going to show you how you can find that out! When I first began to learn about astrology, I had very strong feelings about two planets: Saturn and Venus. The great love I had for Venus was such a cliche. Everyone loves a planet that is often described by astrologers in their horoscopes as having fairy dust, cupcakes, and sparkles. Whenever I needed to have some good news, Venus was the planet that I searched for in my chart. I would say to myself that Venus was going to be in my 5th house on the 26th so I better go out looking gorgeous and be prepared to get picked up. I became great friends with Venus and I look forward each time that she interacted in a happy light with my chart.

By contrast, I really loathed Saturn, that lord of fear, responsibility, debt, and karma. Saturn caused me to feel anxiety from the very first moment that I knew he existed. I didn’t want that planet anywhere near my life or my chart. When I was younger, I literally dreaded Saturn having anything to do with my chart. For those who have experienced the return of Saturn, you may know exactly what I mean. It is this period of time where your final 27 to 30 years of life are up for review and it challenges you to pull your life together. the job of Saturn is to remind us of the magic we have, and sometimes in ways that initially don’t feel at all pleasant.

Naturally, around a year ago, I saw that Venus and Saturn were going to be teaming up on my chart, and I freaked out. I was overwhelmed with the possibilities, and my mind spiraled completely out of control. I didn’t know at all what I should expect from it. Saturn really has a way of forcing us to use fresh eyes (as well as tears sometimes) to take a close look at our pain and fear. This kind of processing has a tendency to occur in solitude since the energy of Saturn can be very isolating. That is exactly how I felt when my Venus was joined with Saturn. Saturn forced me to get very real about the fears I had about happiness, beauty, and love. It is quite sobering when Venus and Saturn meet, especially when it is your first time as an adult. It’s the time when you really learn about love. Not the fairy tale, whimsical rom-com, romantic kind of love. What you learn is about a love that is stronger, deeper, at painful at times.

When Venus and Saturn meet, you learn to love and see yourself – and perhaps for the very first time. Any astrologer can tell you that whenever Saturn strikes a Venus relationship, it will either break or survive or perhaps even thrive through all of the adversity it encounters. I have seen individuals meet their future spouse, begin a new relationship, get married, break up and also move in together under this very ominous aspect. In general, this period of time is marked by change, a kind of evolving, growing and shifting. Fears get brought up for healing to take place. Responsibility gets taken seriously. The true meaning of commitment is discovered.

Like with most major transitions, when I look back I am able to see at that point the relationship that I had with my partner and myself evolved very rapidly. I began to really be able to see myself in an entirely new light, as being the fiercely independent, beautiful, whimsical, and creative soul that I am very fond of, and also as somebody who can be a doting and caring girlfriend. For me, that was a brand new layer. I had always had somewhat of a fear that I would lose myself to another person – I think this held me back from ever attempting to try too hard when it came to pursuing something serious. During this transition, I battled this fear. I had to face the shadow parts inside of myself: That part of me that had a need to control other people; and that part of me that insatiably desired and needed another’s love. I did face them and met them and was able to make my peace. The realization was what brought the first significant relationship to my life. I was able to lose many of my fears of judgment and insecurities.

Although this combination may sound absolutely terrifying, it might be exactly what is needed in order for the magic to truly occur. Venus warming up the icy heart of Saturn and allowing Saturn to get all (most?) of the concerns and fears sweated out. Venus fighting for equality, beauty, and love. Saturn cleansing the insecurities of Venus, leaving her pure and renewed. That is the most beautiful love story of all.

So take a close look at your chart. Open yourself up to the possibilities. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Although Saturn met Venus in my life, keep in mind, that you can make magic happen on your own. Face that shadow side of yourself and sprinkle some of that love optimism from Venus and shine on your shadows to discover how beautiful you really can become. Introduce Venus to Saturn. Fight your fears. Find out what happens. Enjoy the journey, always.

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