Taurus – The symbol of ‘The Bull’, check out personality traits & characteristics

TaurusIt is a sign of land dominated by Venus. Taurus represents art, beauty in each of its manifestation, and physical power, too but not only. They are ordinary and realistic in love. They like psychological and material safety. To achieve this they use their most prominent gifts such as: sustainability, tranquility, patience, intelligence and practice. They rarely lose the control of themselves, but when they are angry they become very violent. For this reason, they need to find the right partner. Those born in the sign of Taurus live love in the most complete and sustainable way. Among the most appropriate jobs for them are: architect, teacher, cook, everything that has to do with the land and nature. It is the sign which likes more rest and relax, of course after achieving their aims.

Sports according to Taurus!

Besides being physically strong, the people of this sign have unprecedented willpower (a euphemism for stubbornness). They are ready to overcome any obstacle, even if they need to do this a thousand times. The coaches love them because of their insistence, but when they do not want to listen to their advice they would willingly give a kick in their ass. But, they should continue the same! Their best results are achieved in the fight against the stopwatch. The sports which have been created for them are running in short trails, sprint hurdles (generally athletics), as well as swimming.

Love – They are great materialists. They often relate their emotional relationships with interest. In front of a potential partner they want to leave a good impression. That is why they hide carefully their major requirements and sensible inclinations. They rarely take the initiative!

Food according to Taurus!

They love sports and the quiet and comfortable life as they have a melancholic temperament and a good health. People of this sign have a good appetite, love food. They love alcohol, too, especially luxury drinks. They love the kitchen and it is interesting the data, seen from the historic aspect, in which the most known toxic were born under this sign. They are recommended to limit their appetite because they have a tendency to gain weight, especially in the years of puberty. Blue fruit respond to Taurus: plums, berries, grapes…

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