The ascendant or the entrance sign

natal-chartIn determining the general statement of health and disease in the individual life it is necessary to know the ascendant or the entrance sign. Ascendant is the sign, which rises on the eastern horizon at the time of someone’s birth (thanks to the Earth’s rotation on its axis), taking as a point of seeing his place of birth. Time is also used to mark not only the exact degree of the ecliptic, which grows, but even the degree of the entire zodiacal sign which the entrance degree belongs to.

Of course, the Earth is in a continuous movement, which in every four minutes causes the appearance of different ecliptic degree on the horizon. So, Gemini, who could be born at a distance greater than four minutes time, would have different entrance signs. If the ascendant of the first Gemini would be 30 Taurus, the second would have Gemini as an ascendant. From here it is defined the importance of the ascendant in a personal horoscope.

In the case of medical astrology, such a determination of the entrance sign is very important because it is used to mark the peak of the first house, which belongs to the physical body. The inspiration of the theory on stellar antenna, which we have already mentioned, CEJN, states that the rate of ascendant marks the solid line of the electromagnetic energy that flows through the astral body, which can be clearly distinguished by those who make predictions.

The determination of the entrance sign for the children, who are born today, in contemporary terms, is too simple, since the time of birth in obstetric-gynecological clinics is specifically noted. However, a large number of people do not know the precise time of their birth. Even parents, if still living, usually are surprisingly uncertain when we ask them about the time of their child’s birth of their.

Professional astrologers use several methods to try to solve this problem. One of them is rectification (correction), which is realized through calculation based on important events of the person the horoscope is made for as they are: the first serious illness, accidents, death of parents, or brothers and sisters, marriage, childbirth and other developments similar to these. The second method deals with the comparison between the house positions and the aspects in someone’s horoscope with his social position, character lines, and the type of work he does, or the profession and financial resources.

The third procedure is known as the Pre-natal Age and was developed by the ancient hermetic theorem. Hermes noted that there are certain essential links between the position of the Moon during the time of birth and the ascendant at the time of gestation and vice versa. Sepharial, (the nickname of the well known teacher of modern astrology and translator of Hebrew, Sanskrit, Chinese, Italian and French) invented the astronomical formula based on his general idea in 1898, and published it with the title “Pre-natal Era and the Law of Sex”.

Experienced astrologers are already fully trained to assess someone’s ascendant based on his physical appearance and sound. The author of this text has witnessed such a situation. During the interview with the editor of Rozenckrojcer magazine, which is published by the association of the same name from Owsnsajd in California, I noted that my ascendant is the Virgo. The editor, who had a significant experience in astrology said firmly that my ascendant was not the Virgo, but Leo. Later, when I had the chance to know the exact date of my birth, I knew that the editor was right indeed. The data of the time of my birth was incorrect.

Dr. Davidson, who used the astrology and its conclusions in his daily practice as a doctor, had collected emphatic lines for years, which had claimed that each entrance sign can be determined progressively.

His conclusions say:

Ascendant Aries: has their hair fallen on the forefront in the form of a stamp. Their eyebrows are united. Adam cheekbone rises and decreases while speaking.

Ascendant Taurus: has round forehead and they open the eyes very much. Dr. Davidson mentions the U.S. President Eisenhower, as typical for this type. Dr. Davidson had managed to persuade the president’s mother, who had asked for help since she could not remember the exact time of the birth of her son, that her son’s entrance sign was Taurus.

Ascendant Gemini: often has a tendency for eagle nose, sometimes similar to the bird’s beak. Second typical line is represented by buxom lips. General appearance of the people could be characterized as an expression of the cat that has overwhelmed the canary.

Ascendant Cancer: has lips tight at the ends. Seen from the side part of the face (in profile), it seems flat and round, the way it is the full moon.

Ascendant Leo: is looking for wide chest and head up. They shine with a sense of vitality and alive spirit.

Ascendant Virgo: has as a most distinguishing their long conical head, which is not wide. Sometimes the face is triangular, often with pointed chin.

Ascendant Libra: usually has clean skin because of the influence of Venus, dominator of Libra. Eyes look lost in the distance, but there is also a spirit as if it were from another world and deep in thought, characteristic of people with this entrance sign.

Ascendant Scorpio: is distinguished for its worn eyebrows, strong voice and piercing eyes. The nose is rarely straight, Visible marks on the back of the hand are another indicator.

Ascendant Sagittarius: when this zodiacal arrow appears at birth, according to Dr. Davidson, the person born will have a straight nose, the length the feet up to the head will be greater than usual, the eye will be full – but never emphasized the way it is at the ascendant Taurus. Also, legs are longer in proportion to the body.

Ascendant Capricorn: has ears which grow directly into the bone pad, which is the most direct sign of this ascendant. Women born in this time usually have veins appeared in the back of the hand, even when they are young. Persons of both sexes have little hair.

Ascendant Aquarius: has curly hair and a straight corner of the eye. Apart from these two features, Dr. Davidson adds even the “friendly viewing.”

Ascendant Pisces: are recognized for moving uniformly. Being under the influence of mysterious Neptune, their behavior expresses concern about secret thoughts.

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