The Leo Personality

the Leo personalityThe fire sign of Leo is courageous, warm, intelligent and bold, and he is the Zodiac’s natural leader, prepared to vanquish injustice, blaze a trail, and make a name for himself along the way. Lions are blessed with very high self-esteem and know they are in possession of enviable traits – and they are very proud of them. Leos don’t believe in having false modesty and are the first to give themselves praise for doing a good job. However, Leo is not self-aggrandizing and is willing to roll their sleeves up and get the work done: the sign knows that if he wants to be admired and respected, that he will need to put the effort in that is worthy of leaders.

However, for Lion, it isn’t just all about hard work. Leos are energetic and intense and social interactions is something they thrive on. They don’t have problems with making new friends – although it is another story altogether getting them to spend some time with you. They put themselves first, and Leos will turn down any plan that doesn’t fit in with their idea of fun or their agenda. That trait has earned them the unfair reputation of being arrogant. However, on the flip side, whenever a Lion does decide to spend some time with you, it is genuine since he really wants to.

In all pursuits, Leos are very passionate, and that includes relationships. They are determined to be the best partner that you have ever had. They really love grand gestures and want to be able to show the world just how caring and attentive they truly can be. Flashiness is something that Leos can’t resist, and they frequently buy the best and biggest presents for their partners. The Lion is an adventurer, who seeks balance in a very intense life of travel and social obligations with lots of downtime for luxuriating and relaxing. Outward appearances and work are important to this sign, and they are willing to do whatever needs to be done in order to gain workplace status or a job title, even when they have to sacrifice some of their valuable leisure time temporarily.

Generous with their attention and time, Leos are never part of a clique, and always show politeness and friendliness to everybody. Although the Leonine personality entrances nearly everyone, Leo are their own toughest critic and each day is considered to be a challenge for them to be the boldest, brightest and beset Lion that they possibly can be.

Lions truly are amazing! Their name tells you everything you need to know:

L is for leaders
E is for energetic
O is for optimistic

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