The Owl – Mayan Astrology

The_OwlOwl (owl)

Tradition: According to Maya priests, those who are born under this sign were considered capable to read the unconsciousness of others and to find what is missing. The symbol of this sign is exploration.

Character: They are always in the center of attention. They have the possibility to predict the bad things which may come from others and their predictions are rarely wrong. Maybe it comes from their intuition which is almost never wrong. At first sight they may seem shy and reserved, but when entering the confidence they are shown very simple and communicative.

Female: Owl female is very sensitive and wants to be treated with tenderness. She seems to have the ability to know or feel what the others think and this makes her be a very good friend or partner. She is attracted by people with a great spirit and moral. Loyalty is very important to her, as well as sincerity.

Male: The owl male likes to have fun and at all times he likes to make new friends especially when they are very young. With his maturity it is very easy for him to feel the desire to stop and create a family, even though loyalty is not one of his main gift.

Work: They have a very good sense of smell and choose the moments so at work he is prepared for every kind of situations thanks to the sense of smell and the sense of choosing the right moment. They are very good at medical sector activities. Sometimes they are oriented to botany and ecology.

Affinity: They have a lot of friends, thanks to their sensitivity, especially people who were born under the sign of the Rabbit , squirrel and Falcon. They may have very important relations with the Peacock.

Weak Points: Their great sensitivity makes them extremely sensitive to the problems of others and this makes them be very delicate.

  • Flowers or Plants: Fire tree
  • Stone: The Opal of fire
  • Defensive Bird: Owl
  • Heavenly Aleat Element: Saturn
  • Color: Orange
  • Lucky Number: 4

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