Virgo profile, personality traits, qualities, characteristics explained in detail

virgoThe people who are born in this sign are precise, effective, rational and harsh. In general they give importance to money and prefer to live without missing anything. They hate wasting things. They are very fond of tidiness. They need to be complemented because of the insecurity which characterizes them.

They are much evaluated at work thanks to their pure intelligence. The most appropriate jobs for them are: designer, teacher, analyst, redactor. They need to love and they believe in friendship even though their close and introvert character makes their long-lasting relations tiring.

Sports according to Virgo!

People born under this sign are precise, meticulous and proud of their intellect … these are the qualities that will lead them towards the real sport. They certainly do not want the congestion; crowd running back and forth (that seems much disorganized for them), controversies and explanations about who is stronger. If they need explanations about something, that is the brand of sports equipment (which must be one of the best). The sport which has to do with mud and damaged knees is probably not for them. More appropriate for them are white sports, like tennis or fencing, even playing chess (if they play with white figures).

Love – People who belong to this sign are very thoughtful and direct. From the partner they seek safety, confidence and accuracy. The excessive romanticism and love expressions look ridiculous to them. So, do not try something like that with the Virgo!

Food according to Virgo!

The precised Virgo measures in gram every vegetable which is included in the daily meal. People of this sign do not have any restriction in terms of diversity, but they have in terms of quantity.  Virgo should neither eat too much food at once nor consume strong alcoholic drinks due to their sensitive digestive system. They should eat leafy green vegetables and vegetables in general. During feeding they should drink a glass of water, which should previously stay in the green light (green bulb) at least for 30 minutes.

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