Your week begins energetic with Venus and Mars in your sign and also, Moon in Sagittarius, you will be able to give advices to all of them who ask for it. You will have a reflection moment on Wednesday and Thursday, caused by the Moon. Be careful with your tone. You will have a wonderful social life Friday and Saturday. You will have lots of meetings. Sunday will make you feeling reserved.



You will need to concentrate and to be very clear in the beginning of your week so you will solve your administration and managerial activities. You will be energetic even on Wednesday and Thursday. You will work with your project, dedicating all your time to have good results. You will feel a little bit tired on Friday and Saturday and will disagree with your boss decisions. Sunday will be good,



With Moon against to you, you should be prepared to have some debates with your partner. You must listen to him/her. It will be good for you to keep attention with delicate issues as credits. You may do this on Wednesday. Your best days are Thursday and Friday. Forget everything and take the weekend off.



The energetic Moon on Sagittarius will be in the sixth field, will affect your Monday. Your work rhythm will be faster. Tuesday and Wednesday won’t be day to remember. On Friday and Saturday the first thing that will pass in your mind is going somewhere. Sunday must be your romantic day!



The second 10 days born, affected by Venus and Mars, will broke to many hearts; clever and full of energy and beauty, nothing can stop you. Monday will be an interesting day, not only for feelings but also for professional aspects. You will be careful and methodic on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will be good to stay away the problems the other two days. You may be upset on Sunday.



With Mercury against you and the Moon on Sagittarius, your Monday will be nervous. It will be good for you to concentrate on your priorities. Tuesday and Wednesday will be your good days. You will give all your best. For the persons who have to do with informatics or researching, Thursday will be your reward day. It will be good to take some vacations on Sunday.



For the persons who are born on the second 10-days, the feeling sector won’t be so quite. On Monday the optimist Moon will protect you, so you will achieve good results on financial sector, too. The next two days will be the family’s days. Sunday will be quite.




Being concrete and energetic will help finishing some things about wealth issues. The Moon and Mercury will help you to dedicate to public relations on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mercury says to be careful with your professional and financial activities. Friday and Saturday you may have some troubles at home. Sunday will be magic with the Moon help.



The most favored of this week will be those persons who have born in the second 10-days. They will be charismatic, enthusiastic and full of secure. Monday will be a good day for all. The Moon will care about this. Friday and Saturday will be social days. Sunday is family day. Something will go wrong.




There will be some fights at home as long as Mars and Venus won’t be harmonic with each other. You will be nervous. It will be Mercury that will take care that this fluctuations moods not to affect your daily activity. Wednesday and Friday will be the most romantic days of the week.




To have a good week there is nothing better than giving yourself some diversity. On Wednesday and Friday your wish to disappear won’t be reality because you will have work to do. Friday and Saturday will be your entertainment days. You will need your partner on Sunday.




You will have a lot to do on Monday so you will be anxious. Believe on yourself because Mercury is still with you. Tuesday and Wednesday you will meet new interesting persons. The second part of week won’t be too much beautiful. It will be mostly reflective. Even though, your creativity will increase.


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