Your Guide Of The Stars: Planetary Transits For March 1 Through March 6

Your Guide Of The StarsThis week anything can happen. The sun is shifting from Aquarius into Pisces, which is something that will be felt by all signs, but also a medley of planets will be making their presences known across the entire Zodiac. However, although it is a hectic week, it also may be quite delightful, with movements coming from chatty Mars and dreamy Neptune. Sober Saturn might give you pause and request that you delve into life’s serious side, but that isn’t so bad, is it? The following are the planetary transits for the week of March 1 through February 7th affecting all of the signs of the Zodiac.

Thursday , March 1

With the sun shifting to Pisces, your intuition will be on point. It is the day (and the month) for you to let your heart lead the way, pay close attention to what your gut is telling you, and listen to subtext. This is also an excellent time to let yourself delve into the esoteric world. Stop focusing so much on your to-do list and instead focus on your to-feel list. If you don’t have one yet, then make one!

Friday, March 2

Get Signed Up For a Dating App

Are you single? You say you don’t really do online dating? With Venus conjuncting Neptune, you need to shake your dating life up. If you are single, give online dating a try. Are you attached? Then find a new couple activity to add to your mix. Are you someplace in between? Maybe it’s time for you to get things locked down and figure out what is going on in your love life. It is an excellent time for fresh starts and new beginnings, so go do it!

Saturday , March 3

Go Out For Happy Hour

As the Neptune and Venus conjunction continues to exert its influence, that means it is time for your social life to sparkle. Today might be a good day for you to avoid having serious conversations and to take whatever people say with a big grain of salt. It still can be a very fun day to try out new things and meet new people and that is what all the signs need to have today.

Sunday, March 4

Put Creativity On The Calendar

With the moon shifting from Taurus into Gemini, it is an excellent day for spurring your creativity. Honor those outside the box thoughts you are having. This is also an excellent day for you to take the time to paint, journal, or do something where your right brain energy can be used.

Monday, March 5

It’s Date Night!

With Venus in Pisces conjuncting Neptune in Pisces, it is an excellent day for love. So whether you are having a day with your significant other or someone new, plan a nice romantic evening for the two of you. Beware that Neptune might bring some tricky conversations up, or the two of you might realize you aren’t on the exact same page about the big decision. This isn’t a dealbreaker necessarily; talk through the situation and you can be made closer from your timelines. Be honest at all times.

Tuesday, March 6

Be Guided By Your Passion

With Venus squaring Mars, it will bring sexual tension to its all-time high, which might make you feel very amorous. On the flip side, frustrated sexual tension can lead to disagreements and fights. With the right partner, however, you could end up with the best possible fireworks. Give in and enjoy the passion!

Wednesday, March 7

Share Your Information Carefully

This is a tricky day with planetary action moving across the sectors, especially in terms of money or love decisions. The Venus-Mars square may cast shadows over even conversations that appear to be innocent. Today it is best for you to avoid conflict and save those serious conversations for later on in the week.

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